Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New parts for Boinc Crunchers!!

Yesterday i decided to install new upgrades to Boinc Crunchers.

BoincOne: got Gigabyte GA-970A-UD AM3+ motherboard with old PII x6 1055T@3.85ghz,2x2gb ddr3 Kingston HyperX@1720mhz,Intel 40gb SSD,AMD5830 and NEW Evga GTX 460, Thermaltake ToughPower XT 775W,Scythe Mugen b 2 and Xigmatek Midgard with 6 Scythe Gentle Typhoons.

BoincTwo: Got the old Crossfire Asus mobo with Athlon x3@x4,2x2gb ddr3 Kingston, Amd 6870+4850, Corsair TX650

Boinc3: Asus motherboard,Amd 4850,2x1gb ddr3,Modecon 620W. Once Bulldozer is released this rig will get Athlon x3@x4 and Bulldozer goes to main rig and PII x6 goes to BoincerTwo .

  Needed to install Windows 7 all over again. Guess what, it took 10 times before it did go without any issues with the installation. All kinds of errors and everything did go wrong. Well once i ran installation with minimum parts i got it to work. Not sure what was that all about, but i think Gigabyte motherboard didn't like my AMD 5830 that much. I lost 500gb harddisc in process. Just won't spin anymore.

Btw took me all day yesterday to get rigs working :D

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