Thursday, December 24, 2015

I'm back

Hi everyone

     I had to take a break from Boinc and other internet activities for family reasons.
Here's a short list what was going on:

- Spent 100% efforts for recovery from injury (took 4 years with bad pains and physical training), but now i have been 100% and pain free over a year now.

- It's a boy and and 2 years later it's a girl. Two kids born, it's 4 kids total now. Have spend a lot of time with them so they could have childhood that i never had( Dad at home)

- This year my focus was to get my job licences in order and to find a job. I have something coming up early next year for primary job and i have a contract at my desk all signed for second job(my evening job).

- Powerlifting to get my physical condition on bar to my job

- Quit smoking and i turned into vaping. Easy and my body thanks me for that decision (i can smell, taste again and no cough).

Now i'm 100%, i'm crunching Boinc again. In coming months i will update my boinc crunchers and might get one or two crunchers online. Hopefully our team members will go active too. It's winter here and all need more warmth from our crunchers ;)

Thank you happy holidays