Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanks team from this great year. Team is growing and crunching. That's why the team was created. Crunch for good cause and making the world a better place for our kids.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Please join "My efforts against Childhood Cancer" Team at

 Please Join our teams last crunching rush of 2011 at

What is

The project is an application that makes use of network computing for stochastic modelling of the clinical epidemiology and natural history of Plasmodium falciparum malaria.

Simulation modeling of malaria

The fight against malaria was given a new impetus by the call for eradication at the Gates Malaria Forum in October 2007, making more but still limited resources available for research, development, and combating malaria. To inform decisions on which new or existing tools to prioritize, we have developed a general platform for comparing, fitting, and evaluating stochastic simulation models of Plasmodium falciparum malaria, programmed in C++ (openmalaria).

We use this to inform the target product profiles for novel interventions like vaccines, addressing questions such as minimal efficacy and duration of effects needed for a vaccine to be worthwhile, and also to optimize deployment of established interventions and integrated strategies. Field trials of interventions consider effects over 1-2 years at most, but the dynamics of immunity and human demography also lead to longer term effects. We consider many different outcomes, including transmission reduction or interruption, illness, hospitalization, or death, as well as economic aspects.

Malaria occurs in an enormous variety of ecological settings, and interventions are not always universally applicable. For instance, indoor residual spraying works only with indoor-resting mosquitoes, and insecticide treated mosquito nets only with nocturnal vectors. The best combinations of interventions vary, as do optimal delivery approaches and their health system implications. There are trade-offs between high coverage and costs or feasibility of deployment. Indiscriminate deployment may lead to evolution of drug resistance or insensitivity to other interventions. To support the analysis of these elements we are assembling databases of health system descriptions, intervention costing, and vector bionomics across different malaria ecotypes.

Uncertainties inherent in simulations of complex systems are addressed using probabilistic sensitivity analyses, fitting multiple different models, and basing predictions on model ensembles not single simulations. This requires super-computing, both for statistical fitting (which must simultaneously reproduce a wide range of outcomes across different settings), and for exploring predictions. We obtain this computing power over the internet from spare capacity on the computers of volunteers (

Meetings with potential users of these predicitons are used to promote the models and their predictions to wider communities of malariologists, planners, and policy specialists. We are also developing web-based job submission and analysis systems to increase internet access to models.
This project is supported by
Bill and Melinda Gates foundation logo

 You can join here after adding project to your Boinc Manager :

Friday, December 16, 2011

"My efforts against childhood cancer" Team Captain is user of the day @Moo!wrapper!

   "My efforts against childhood cancer" Team Captain is user of the day @ Moo!Wrapper
Because of this honor i have ordered AMD Sapphire 6950 for Moo!Wrapper Boinc crunching.
Hopefully this new gpu will generate more points and get more work done for our Boinc team "My efforts against childhood cancer". Hopefully our team will interest new boincers to join our Boinc team.

Please join My efforts against childhood cancer  Moo!Wrapper team.

If you are interested about Boinc, want more information or don't know Boinc project just for you, please email and i'm happy to help.

Thank you

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Waiting for Radeon HD 7950 / 7970 / 7990 and Nvidia "Kepler" 28nm

   We "crunchers" will soon get nice new gpus to crunch with. Interesting times again.
I will get most likely at least new AMD HD 7950 or 7970 and maybe Nvidia "Kepler" if it will offer good performance vs Price with good energy efficiency. Let's hope AMD and Nvidia will release quality gpus with equal performance. In that case we the consumers will win, because of the price competition. Hopefully AMD will be strong at Folding@Home and Boinc crunching.


  Superlink@Technion helps geneticists all over the world find disease-provoking genes causing some types of diabetes, hypertension (high blood pressure), cancer, schizophrenia and many others.

   Superlink@Technion helps geneticists perform genetic linkage analysis, which is a statistical method used to associate functionality of genes with their location on chromosomes. It typically serves for detecting mutated disease-provoking genes. This analysis can be extremely computationally intensive and has been parallelized for simultaneous execution on many computers. Geneticists submit the data for the analysis via Superlink-online linkage analysis portal. The tasks are then automatically parallelized and scheduled for execution on many computers in the Technion, in the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and also on many computers all over the world.

Your computer can help geneticists perform their analysis faster! All you need to do is download and install a small client, called BOINC. The client will start the computations according to the predefined scheduling policy, which by default is configured to start jobs only at nights and during weekends. The client will pull the data and the executable from our server, perform the computations and then return the results back to the server. The program that will perform the actual computations is called Superlink. It is a well known genetic linkage analysis program developed in our laboratory, and thoroughly tested to make sure that it cannot corrupt any local data. You will also be able to configure your BOINC client to restrict the use of your computer.

My efforts against childhood cancer Team have been created there.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"My efforts against childhood cancer" Team moves to top 4!!

   "My efforts against childhood cancer" Team takes 4th place (Boinc Finnish Team overall points).
Our team is getting good amount of work units done and we are gaining Top 3 daily.
Thanks goes to our great members.

   We need more new members to join and crunch with us for the good cause.
If you, your family members or/and friends are interested what we do or just want to use your computer idle time for good cause, Please Join "My efforts against childhood cancer" Team or if you have any questions about Boinc,crunching,hardware or installation i'm happy to help. Please email to

Friday, December 2, 2011

22 days until Christmas!

   Only 22 days until Christmas. My kids can't wait for Santa Claus . In finnish Santa is Joulupukki, Christmas is Joulu and Rudolpf the Red nosed Reindeer is Petteri Punakuono. Let's make this Christmas special for the children.

Here is a place for the Christmas spirit. Santa Claus village
Photos are from SantaPark Arctic Circle Rovaniemi, Finland.

Here is a link for livecam feed from Santas office. You can see Santa working.