Monday, June 27, 2011

New cruncher: 
Amd Athlon x3 with +1 core unlocked to x4, 2x1gb ddr3, Asus 760G motherboard, Modecon 620W powersupply.
I did some finetuning and underclocked 500 mhz from CPU to get CPU Vcore low as possible to get better wattage vs. crunching power ratio. Will save money in running costs and environment.

Amd Phenom 1050 x6 got the Amd 5830 and is crunching Milkyway@home. I have 2 more pci-e x16 and 3xpci-e x1 slots to fill with crunching GPU's. Once i get pci-e x16 slots filled i will use dremel and open up pci-e x1 slots right side ends and install 4850's to crunch. Seen many people to do that and i will try that too :)

All My CPU's crunch World Community Grid and Gpu's Milkyway@Home

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New hardware and crucher for World Community Grid online soon.

New hardware and crucher for World Community Grid is online soon.

 Just doing some finetuning and still waiting for Gpu to arrive.
Trying to get vcore low as possible to save some electricity and € in the long run (trust me these things matter).

Gpu should arrive next week and i was thinking about Milkyway@home or trying Folding@Home again with AMD 5830. See if F@H have had progress with new AMD client cores and more out off AMD DP GPU'S.
Once everything is running i will add photos from the casing. I will let children draw something nice.